Tips for Socializing Over Zoom

Tips for Socializing Over Zoom

Apart from being widely accepted as a handy and essential communication tool in business, Zoom has also made inroads in social circles because of COVID-19 social distancing. Even doctor visits, drug and alcohol rehab, and support group meetings now take place online.


People are forced to come up with creative ways to maintain their social lives. In the past, you may have canceled a meeting or an event because everyone could not make it. However, in recent times, people have found it more favorable to hold Zoom meetings instead of physical ones.


Zoom has also made it easy for families and friends to organize and have virtual meetings. You may be miles away or continents apart, but with Zoom, you will not miss special family or friend events or reunion parties.


Here are some ways to make socializing over Zoom more interesting.

Play Games on Zoom

There are more than a dozen popular games that you can play with your friends on Zoom virtually. Set up a virtual meeting, create a room, and invite your friends for a fun-filled session. 


Some of the games include card, board, and trivia. There are many online platforms.

Try Online Workouts

Socializing is an integral part of a person’s well-being, and so do physical workouts.

Technology has made it easy to attend fitness lessons or sessions remotely. Even when you want to stay indoors, you don’t have to exercise alone.


Zoom provides you with a platform to schedule workout time with your fitness instructor, friends, or gym members.

There is a feature in Zoom that provides a pre-session chit-chat. This means you can join the session before the scheduled time and socialize with your friends or workout partners. 


Zoom offers an automatic recording function that will allow you to record a session. The recorded video is saved either on your computer or in the cloud so you can exercise later.

Virtual Dates

Spice up your life by asking that special someone out for a virtual date. 

Don’t let long-distance ruin your dating life. Even though you may be locked-down miles away from your partner, make sure your relationship is watered and fed so it will remain healthy. It doesn’t matter which stage of dating you are in; a date will improve your relationship.


Make the virtual date memorable and exciting by:

  • Dress for the date. See, just because you are not meeting face-to-face, it should not be a reason for you to look shaggy and unkempt. Hit the shower and don your favorite outfit. It will raise your spirits and make you feel better on the date.
  • Camera placement. Position your camera in a well-lit area at eye level against a nice background. Windows behind you will wash out your face. 
  • Music. Some cool tunes in the background will also enhance the date’s ambiance.
  • Body language. Don’t think that because this is a virtual date you can slouch or look away. Maintaining posture and eye contact is an important way of communicating. Act the same as if it was a physical date. Look confident and keep smiling so your date knows you are enjoying the company.
  • Watch a movie. Watching movies or TV shows on the couch with a date is a classic scenario. While you can’t touch, with streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, you can watch the same thing at the same time, virtually.

Host Zoom Parties

Socializing isn’t just one-on-one. With Zoom, you can host an online party. All the attendees can decorate their space to a common agreed-upon theme for the feeling of a real party.

Take a Virtual Tour With Your Friends

If you’re feeling too confined, visit a museum, zoo, or similar tourist attraction. Many offer virtual online tours for free. With a little coordination, you and your friends can video chat and enjoy the experience together. 


It might seem easier to spend your time indoors alone. However, Zoom provides many exciting features that you can use to improve your social life, albeit virtually. 


Whether you are on an extended business trip, working abroad, or avoiding COVID-19 at home, Zoom provides you with a virtual platform to connect and socialize with your friends and family. It can be a challenge, but it’s worth it to avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation.

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